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Welcome to the Abyssal Domains.

Here lies the writings of AbyssalThaumaturge.
Often they will be furry-focused, but there are several categories to choose from, some of which MIGHT not have furry stuff. Maybe. Eventually.

I write fanfiction, smut, and occasionally some slice of life stuff with fantastic elements. Most of my writing is focused on short stories, but occasionally I toy with the idea of writing more large-scale projects.

"So what do I do now that I'm here?"

Check out the sidebar. The first thing I'd recommend is checking out the Tags page to get an idea of what kind of stuff you might find within. While not all content will be problematic or extreme, some of it will very likely be uncomfortable or even triggering to people without a high tolerance for problematic themes.

"Anything else I should know?"

You don't have to worry about stumbling into content you don't like. Every short-story or series page displays a set of overarching tags that will define the kind of content you can expect to find within. So, if you check the tags like I suggested, you'll be able to avoid themes that trigger you or make you uncomfortable. Handy, right?

"So where do I start reading?"

I thought you'd never ask! Whenever you're ready to read, click the Index page on the sidebar to your right.