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This is a list of tags that'll be used in my stories and writings. There are three types of tags--Property tags, Content tags, and Smut tags. Take into consideration the tags you see on a work before you begin reading, and you'll get the jist of whether or not the story or series will be to your taste.


Property tags are used to denote the setting and/or ownership of a given piece of writing.

  • Fanfic -- A story featuring characters or settings not owned by the author.
  • Grandest -- A story featuring characters or settings existing within the Grandest universe.
  • NezChron -- A story featuring characters or settings existing within Aenverse or related properties.
  • Other properties will be added as associated writings are added to the site.


Content tags are used to denote what sorts of content one can expect in the given piece of writing.

  • Can -- A story deemed canon in its property. Fanfiction is never tagged with this.
  • DubCan -- A story written to be feasibly canon, but will not be confirmed either way.
  • NonCan -- A story that is purely noncanon.
  • Fluff -- A "feelsy" story focused around romantics.
  • FPoV -- A story with a primarily female point of view.
  • Furry -- A story featuring at least one furry main character.
  • Gore -- A story where gruesome violence and gore are the norm.
  • MPoV -- A story with a primarily male point of view.
  • OC -- Used when a Fanfiction has characters created by the author.
  • Smut -- A story with a hard focus on smut. Porn with plot.


Meant to portray the sexual focus of content with the Smut tag.

  • M/F, M/M, F/F -- Straight sex, gay sex, or lesbian sex, respectively.
  • Con -- Sexual interactions are deemed consensual by the characters.
  • DubCon -- Sexual interactions only follow implied consent at best, or "unconclusive" forms of consent at worst.
  • NonCon -- Sexual interactions are forced; consent is nonexistant or manufactured in some way.
  • Adultery -- Features at least one person cheating on an established partner.
  • Beast -- Features sexual interactions with an animal or monster character of a sapient or semi-sapient nature.
  • MC -- Mind Control. Features mental alteration to obtain sex. Always either NonCon or DubCon.
  • OPlay -- "Orientation play". Gay sex between straights or straight sex between gays. Usually, but not always, Dubcon or Noncon.
  • Violence -- Usually tagged alongside NonCon. Features significant sexual violence.